Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Badger Visits Greenfield

Cody Rose, the son of Barry and Tammy Rose, and a red-shirt freshman member of the Wisconsin Badgers, visited Jeremy Nygaard's third grade class at Greenfield last week to tell the children about his experience as a member of the team and the experience of traveling to the Outback Bowl in Florida. Cody also amazed the students with several card tricks while visiting with the class.

Five Fatalities on Pierce County Roads Over the Weekend

It was a dangerous weekend on roads in Pierce County as four area people-including a Roberts resident-lost their lives in three separate traffic crashes.

In a one-vehicle accident Friday night, 31-year-old Brian D. O'Keefe, a resident of Roberts, was killed, according to the Pierce County Sheriff's Department, which was notified of the crash about 9:44 p.m.

Mark R. Anderson, 51, of Ellsworth, died as a result of losing control of his vehicle and entering the ditch at about 2:48 a.m. Sunday.

In another accident, Alice Tiedke, 63, and her passenger, Arnold Tiedke, died of injuries received when their vehicle crossed the center line of US 10 about two miles west of Plum City and collided with another vehicle about 1:00 p.m.

The Sheriff's Department said that the first accident happened when a pickup truck went out of control and flipped about two miles southwest of Spring Valley near the intersection of 290th Street and 730th Avenue. Another man in the vehicle, Ryan N. Peterson and O'Keefe were both ejected from the truck. O'Keefe was taken to Baldwin Area Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. Peterson was taken by air ambulance to Regions Medical Center in St. Paul with undetermined injuries. The report did not say who was driving the pickup and the crash remains under investigation.

Anderson was northbound on 810th Street about two miles west of Ellsworth when he lost control of his vehicle. He was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash.

In the crash that killed Alice and Arnold Tiedke, their vehicle collided with a vehicle driven by Trisha Nelson, 28, of Plum City. She was transported to Region's Medical Center in St. Paul. Her passengers, Ashley Blue, 8, of Plum City, and Aaron Nelson, 2, of Plum City, were also hospitalized at area hospitals with injuries that were not specified.

Cub Scouts Hold Pinewood Derby

Pack 110 winners first place, Ben Stiller, Tiger; second place, Michael Cadalbert, Wolf; third place, Jonathan Stiller, Bear, fourth place, Jake Scobey, Bear; fifth place, Luke Schmit, Webelos 5; sixth place, Joe Jelen, Webelos 4; and seventh place, Jack Kaiser, Tiger.

The Baldwin-Woodville Cub Scouts held their annual Pinewood Derby at the Baldwin American Legion Saturday. Race time began at 1:00 p.m. with 57 scouts entering in the big race! They handcarved and decorated a piece of wood into their very own personalized race car. There were some very clever cars created this year.

The winners are as follows: Pack 110 Winners: first place, Ben Stiller, Tiger; second place, Michael Cadalbert, Wolf, third place, Jonathan Stiller, Bear; fourth place, Jake Scobey, Bear; fifth place, Luke Schmit, Webelos 5; sixth place, Joe Jelen, Webelos 4; seventh place, Jack Kaiser, Tiger.

Tiger Den 1 winners Zach Liston, first place; Blake Warren, second place; Derek Peterson, third place; Tiger Den 2 Winners Max Krueger, first place; Kaleb Berning, second place; Cooper Benson, third place. Wolf Den 1 winners Sam Benoy, first place; Nick Wlodyga, second place; Tyler Kennett, third place. Bear Den 1 winners Ben Stock, first place; Brock Berres, second place; Matthew Berg, third place. Bear Den 2 winners Matthew Barnett, first place; Cole Skeleton, second place; Ethan Skoviera, third place. Webelos Den 4 Winners Zach Almquist, first place; Nicholas Frey, second place; Kullan Wittmann, third place. Webelos Den 5 winners Matthew Cadalbert, first place; Zach Wurtzel, second place; Brady Pedersen, third place.

SMART Boards Allow Interactive Computer Screen Display

Greenfield Elementary second grade teacher Dana Ducklow is one of the teachers who has had an interactive SMART Board installed in her classroom.

As technology marches on, schools strive to keep up. At Baldwin-Woodville Schools some new technology has just been installed at all three schools.

SMART Boards, computer interactive whiteboards, have been installed in all three educational buildings in the B-W district.

According to Lisa Magnuson, B-W's Technology-Curriculum Director/Technician, 13 of the SMART Boards have been installed in classrooms at the High School, Viking Middle School and Greenfield Elementary.

"It's very exciting because the world now becomes our classroom," said Magnuson. She said a class studying the art in the Louve Museum can go to the Louve web site and take a guided tour. Geometry can be taught in 3-D and manipulated on screen. "I think it's going to become an indispensable teaching tool.

The SMART Boards not only communicate with the teacher's computer and displays the computer screen, but also allows touch operation of the computer from the board. All that takes place on the board can be saved on the computer for review. For instance, said Magnuson, a lesson could be posted to a teacher's web site and someone who was absent could see what was covered in class. The computer screen is projected to the whiteboard by a projector installed in the ceiling.

There have been five SMART Boards installed at Greenfield, one for each grade level; four at Viking; and four at the High School, one of which is a mobile unit.

At Greenfield Elementary second grade teacher Dana Ducklow has a SMART Board installed in her classrooms and students have already been learning from them. She said her students have been actively learning from the SMART Board and enjoy it and she and the students are learning from each other.

Each of the SMART Boards cost between $4,000 and $5,000, including installation. They were purchased from and installed by a company called Computer Integrated Technology of Woodbury, Minn.