Thursday, April 15, 2010

B-W honor students announced

There are 31 honor students in the class of 2010 at Baldwin-Woodville High School. They gathered for a picture Monday morning. In the front row, left to right, are: Jessica Johnson, Tanis Klingler, Morgan Benoy, Rebecca Warner and Samantha Wynveen. In the second row, from left, are: Heather Aune, Bethany Bonnstetter, Haili McCulloch, Sarah Wilhelm and Britta Kadrlik.
In the third row, left to right, are: Luke Vanasse, Kory Hines, Edward Rumpel, Jennah Ackley, Jennifer Rang and Hannah Smith. In the fourth row, from left, are: Benjamin Simons, Jaclyn Peterson, Christopher Lebo, Mark Serier, Justin Morrissey, Nicholas Scritchfield and Adam Christianson. In the fifth row, from left, are: Gerrit Molenaar, Ahley Robole, Blaine Hardy, Jonathon Willert and Lindsey Hurtgen.
Missing when the picture was taken were: Nicholas Houston, Mallory Precht and Neil Ranals.

The Baldwin Woodville High School announced the honor students for the Class of 2010. Tanis Klingler, daughter of Marvin and Lise Klingler was Valedictorian; she plans to attend the University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign. Jessica Johnson, daughter of Donovan and Mariana Johnson was named Salutatorian; she plans to attend the University of Minn. - Twin Cities.
Others on the list include Jennah Ackley, daughter of Brent and Rachel Ackley, who plans to attend WITC - New Richmond; Heather Aune, daughter of John and Marly Aune, Bethel University; Morgan Benoy, daughter of Scott and Kari Benoy, UM - Twin Cities; Bethany Bonnstetter, daughter of Karen and Joseph Bonnstetter, Trinity International University; Adam Christianson, son of Lee and Nancy Christianson, University of North Dakota.
Blaine Hardy, son of Bill and Pam Hardy, plans to attend UW-Stout; Kory Hines, son of Beckie and Keith Hines, UW-Madison; Lindsey Hurtgen, daughter of Mindy Otto and Paul Hurtgen, Minnesota State University - Mankato; Nicholas Huston, son of Rick and LeAnn Huston and Robyn Anderson, UM - Duluth; Britta Kadrlik, daughter of John and Lynn Kadrlik, UW - River Falls; Christopher Lebo, son of Mark and Carol Lebo, UM - Duluth; Haili McCulloch, daughter of Tom McCulloch and Sandy McCulloch, Winona State University.
Gerrit Molenaar, son of Lori and Larry Molenaar, plans to attend UW - Stout; Justin Morrissey, son of Albert and Rebecca Morrissey, UW - River Falls; Jaclyn Peterson, daughter of Randy and Kelly Peterson, St. Cloud State University; Mallory Precht, daughter of Robert and Jody Precht, Illinois State University; Neil Ranals, son of Nick and Loreen Ranals, Minnesota State University - Mankato.
Jennifer Rang, daughter of Curt and Deanna Rang, plans to attend UW - River Falls; Ashley Robole, daughter of Barry and Michelle Robole, Ridgewater College in Willmar, Minn.; Edward Rumpel, son of Jim and Mary Rumpel, University of St. Thomas; Nicholas Schritchfield, son of Nick and Jackie Paron, Iowa State University; Mark Serier, son of Barry and Heather Serier, UW - River Falls; Benjamin Simons, son of Lisa Bowman and Jeff Simons; St. Cloud State University.
Hannah Smith, daughter of Rollie and Peggy Smith, plans to attend WITC - New Richmond; Luke Vanasse, son of Tom and Cindy Vanasse, St. Cloud State University; Rebecca Warner, daughter of Joanne and Duane Warner, Drake University; Sarah Wilhelm, daughter of Don and Patty Wilhelm, UW - LaCrosse; Jonathon Willert, son of Craig and Diane Willert, St. Cloud State University; and Samantha Wynveen, daughter of Steve and Suzanne Wynveen, UW - River Falls.

Dr. Veronica Schommer, DVM, practices with Baldwin Vet Center

Dr. Veronica Schommer is a familiar face in Baldwin with a long family history locally.
Dr. Schommer is the daughter of Stan and Sue Gausman and grew up north of Baldwin on a dairy farm. She has started work with Baldwin Veterinary Center and will be mainly working with dairy but will also do some beef practice.
Dr. Schommer is a 1997 Baldwin-Woodville High School graduate where she was involved in many activities. She attended University of Wisconsin-River Falls where she received her undergraduate degree in animal science. She then went on to the University of Wisconsin-Madison veterinary school and graduated in 2005. She has practiced in Turtle Lake since that time
Dr. Schommer said she took the position with Baldwin Veterinary Center to be closer to home. Currently, she and her husband Jonathan, who has a landscaping business in Deer Park, and their two children live in Clayton, but are looking to move into the B-W school district.
Her upbringing in this community has been an asset, she said. “I know where most of the farms are. Brian [Kersten, DVM and owner of Baldwin Vet Center] just let me loose. I’m glad to be back down here. What I want to do when we move down here is be in the B-W School District and be part of the community and part of the school district.”

Fusion receive Sportsmanship Award
WIAA winter team tournament Sportsmanship Awards Announced

The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association, in cooperation with Rural Mutual Insurance, has selected the team Sportsmanship Awards for the 2010 winter State Tournaments.
The winners of the prestigious award are Royall in boys basketball, Black Hawk in girls basketball, Wausau West in boys ice hockey, River Falls Co-op in girls ice hockey, Ellsworth in wrestling and Platteville/Belmont/Lancaster in gymnastics.
The River Falls co-op, which includes Baldwin-Woodville, Glenwood City, St. Croix Central and Spring Valley won the State title for the second straight season, minus Elmwood as part of the co-op program, and its second consecutive Sportsmanship Award in girls hockey. The Fusion defeated the University School co-op 2-0 in the semifinals and the Green Bay East co-op 5-2 in the championship final. The Mosinee co-op and the University School co-op received honorable mention recognition.
Ellsworth received its third Sportsmanship Award in wrestling following its display of sportsmanship at the State Team Wrestling Tournament. The Panthers also received the honor in 1999 and 2008. They were ousted from title contention with a 33-26 loss to Oconto Falls in the Division 2 semifinals. Mineral Point and Oconto Falls received honorable mention for the award.
The WIAA/Rural Mutual Insurance Sportsmanship Award is presented to one school and community in each of the State team tournaments. The award winners are determined by the conduct and sportsmanship displayed by athletes, coaches, cheer and support groups, mascots, bands and spectators. Additional consideration is given for the effort of school administrators and chaperones to insure support for their teams are positive and that the highest ideals of sportsmanship are upheld. Award winners receive a plaque and banner in recognition of the honor. Schools receiving honorable mention are acknowledged with a certificate of recognition.
The selection process includes contributions and evaluations from contest officials, tournament management, police and security personnel, crowd control and ushers, WIAA staff members, area hotels and restaurants.

News from the Exchanges
Interesting items from
surrounding communities

HUDSON STAR OBSERVER: A father accused of repeatedly firing a gun at his son and his friends as well as police officer heard that son take the fifth amendment rather than answer questions about what happened in his St. Croix Heights home on October 17. The friends, however, told their story and described a night of terror they thought they might not survive. The testimony took place at Dan Christenson’s preliminary hearing in St. Croix County Court on April 2. Christenson, who now lives in Lakeville, Minn., is charged with three counts of first degree attempted intentional homicide and four counts of first degree reckless endangerment. He is accused of firing a gun multiple times in his home at 1221 St. Croix Heights while chasing his son Zach. Three of Zach’s friends ages 13, 14 and 15, were also in the home at the time and hid in the basement closet fearing for their lives. The three juveniles testified at the hearing that they had only known each other for a few weeks prior to the incident. They had gathered at the Christensen home to “hang out and listen to music” before heading off to get something to eat and had been at the residence for only a short time before Dan Christenson came home late that afternoon. All three of the teens, one girl, age 13, and two boys, ages 14 and 15 at the time, gave very consistent testimony about what went on at the house.

TRIBUNE PRESS REPORTER: One Glenwood City resident nearly found out the hard way that an offer that looks too good to be true most likely is, as she wired $2,100 in a recent mailing scam. The fraudulent crime was reported to Glenwood City Police Chief Bob Darwin who just a month earlier had warned the public in an article in the Tribune Press Reporter of a similar scam that had been brought to his attention. The details were different with this letter claiming to be from Publishers Clearing House and stated that this resident had won $1 million. The letter came with a check for more than $2,000 and asked that this check be deposited into her bank account. The letter stated she should then wire transfer $2,100 to the enclosed account in order to process her winnings. Darwin added that the victim had some red flags going off and decided to call the phone number listed in the letter. She then spoke to a “representative” who was convincing of the letter’s authenticity. The victim ended up cashing the check and wiring the money. The next morning she woke up and just knew she had been scammed, said Darwin. And she was right. She went to her bank and the police and told them what had happened. The bank did some research and found the check to be fraudulent. While the victim was still out the $2,100 she did save herself from further banking fees. Following up on the investigation, the location she wired the money from was contacted and they had put a hold on the wire transfer. The would-be victim was very fortunate and was able to reclaim her money.

NEW RICHMOND NEWS: Last year the Martini Sippers to End MS raised $8,300 - $3,300 more than their goal. This year, captain Jennifer Dietzler, owner of JAD Photography, and her team have set an even higher goal of $10,000. Dietzler has been recognized for the team’s achievements by the MS Society. She’s the ambassador for this year’s walk. Multiple sclerosis is a chronic, often disabling disease that attacks the central nervous system. Symptoms may be mild, such as numbness in the limbs or severe such as paralysis or loss of vision. The progress, severity and specific symptoms of MS are unpredictable and vary from one person to another. The Hudson Walk MS pledges to help fund MS research projects and support programs and services for the estimated 10,000 people living with the disease in Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Dietzler deserves the recognition from the MS Society, said Mari Marson, volunteer coordinator for the Hudson walk. “I am not surprised the National MS Society chose her (Dietzler) to be the Ambassador of Walk MS Hudson,” Marson said. “She is a pint-sized powerhouse of a person who gets things done despite the limitations that MS has placed upon her. Jennifer single-handedly put together a 50 person contingent of walkers from New Richmond that made a really big splash at last year’s Walk MS Hudson. She is again putting a New Richmond team together for this year’s walk.

CENTRAL ST. CROIX NEWS: We have all enjoyed the warm weather of the past couple of weeks. Putting winter behind us for another year and once again enjoying outdoor activities is a wonderful hallmark of the summer to come. Unfortunately, the warm springtime weather does not always bring good things with it. In the past two weeks the Roberts Police Department has received a large number of thefts from vehicles. Car stereos, iPods and GPS units are all among the items stolen. According to the Robert Police Chief Dan Burgess, the following tips are intended to help to prevent you from becoming a victim of the growing problem referred to as “car shopping.” “Car shopping is a term known to thieves as going into a neighborhood and pulling on car doors, going through any unlocked car for valuables that can be sold or pawned,” Burgess said. “No community has been immune to this, and even close knit communities like our are falling victim to this growing problem.” Some things you can do to help prevent becoming a victim of car shopping: park your vehicle inside your garage and make sure that the garage is closed and locked. If you do not have a garage available, always make sure to lock your vehicle. Avoid leaving easily stolen items in your vehicle. If you have a removable face plate on your stereo remember to remove it and keep it with you or lock it away. Park in a well lit area. If your home or driveway is dark, consider more lighting around your home or driveway. Even inexpensive solar lights can assist in lighting the area without large up front costs or on-going bills. Park in a visible area, avoid parking behind structures or areas not visible from the road.