Tuesday, April 1, 2008

B-W VAC team advances to state

Baldwin-Woodville VAC students include, back row from left to right, Tanis Klingler, Michelle Hinz, Kylee Momchilovich, Ashley Casperson, Morgan Trunkel, Briana Fleming. Middle row, Heather Molenaar, Rachelle Veenstra, Miranda Nelson, Sam Basques. Front row, Reid Anderson, Mrs. Kamm and Ethan Palmer. Missing from the picture is Emalie Tison.

Reid Anderson's colored pencil portrait composed of junk food is pictured.

The Visual Arts Classic (VAC) regional was held recently at UW-Stout. The regional consisted of six teams: Menomonie, Clayton, Amery, Washburn, Granton, and Baldwin-Woodville. B-W High School had a twelve member team compete.

This year's theme was "Food and Art." The competition includes individual competition as well as team competition. Individuals from each team compete in one of twelve categories with a long range assignment (project created before hand and judged the day of competition) and an on-site project. The on-site problem was read to the group and the students have three hours to complete the problem.

Baldwin-Woodville students competed in the following categories: Reid Anderson and Heather Molenaar in drawing; Rachelle Veenstra and Tanis Klinger in painting; Kylee Momchilovich and Briana Fleming in sculpture; Machelle Hinz and Emalie Tison in art history; Miranda Nelson and Ethan Palmer in printmaking; Sam Basques in digital photography; and Ashley Casperson in personal adornment.

Individuals advancing to state are Reid Anderson for his long term and on-site projects, Kylee Momchilovich for her long term and on-site projects, and Ethan Palmer for his on-site project.

As a team the students competed in a critical thinking category, and quiz bowl category. Critical thinking involves the entire team working together to find a solution to a question. This year's problem involved pitching a restaurant to a group of investors. The restaurant was to be based on one of the twelve artists they had to research.

In quiz bowl the teams are asked thirty-five questions based on the artists as well. B-W took a third place finish in the critical thinking category and a first place finish in quiz bowl. The first place finish in quiz bowl qualified the entire team for the state quiz bowl competition. B-W placed third overall combining the totals for all of the long term and on-site projects, critical thinking, and quiz bowl. State is held at the UW-Madison on April 11.

This is only the second year Baldwin-Woodville has competed in the VAC. Last year's team finished third in critical thinking, tied for third in quiz bowl, and placed second overall.

"Qualifying for state as a team is a really big deal. It's comparative to state forensics, state band, and state choir," stated Mrs. Kamm. "First place individuals and first place teams from across the state will go head to head in Madison. The energy and creativity at state is electric. Knowing that they are competing against the best artists and best teams in the state gets the students charged up for the competition. The art work is amazing!

It is so exciting because we're starting to set a precedent. It will hopefully get students encouraged and excited about next year. This is a great group of students whom all have special qualities," Kamm continued.

"Getting to work with the students on a daily basis keeps me challenged and energized. It's one of the many reasons why I love my job! I am really proud of the students for their individual accomplishments and team accomplishments."

USH 63 upgrade starts May 5

The schedule for the upgrade of USH 63 through Baldwin has been moved up. The contract for the project is slated to begin May 5 with traffic control work and grinding of the road surface. The contract is scheduled to be completed in 75 days.

According to Baldwin Village Engineer Mike Stoffel of Ayres Associates, the contracts for the work have been let. He said that some traffic signal work may even begin before May 5.

The project will start at the south side of Baldwin where the four lane USH 63 ends. Included in the work will be installation of new pavement and center turn lanes in some locations. In addition, a new traffic light will be installed at 60th Avenue and Fern Drive and new traffic lights will be installed at Cedar Street and Main Street.

The village's outside lanes of USH 63 through Baldwin will be taken up as part of the project, and will eliminate all parking along the highway. North of Main Street there will be a two way left turn lane to Hillcrest. The bridge over the Baldwin Creek will be replaced with a box

The prime contractor is Mathy Construction and its subsidiary Monarch. Other contractors include: excavating: Hoffman Construction; grinding and placement of crushed aggregate base: Kraemer Co.; concrete work: Curb Masters; and traffic signals: NEI.

Web site provides Baldwin-Woodville Referendum Information

Pages have been added to the Baldwin-Woodville School District web site that provide information about the building referendum scheduled for Tuesday, June 3.

The pages were created by B-W Athletic Director and Transportation Supervisor Wade Labecki.

To access the web pages, start at the Baldwin-Woodville home page (www.bwsd.k12.wi.us). Near the top is information about the referendum and to the right is "Click here for more information."

The referendum election will have two questions. The first is whether a new 90,000 square foot intermediate school for grades three, four and five should be built on district owned property, and should Greenfield Elementary School be renovated. The total cost of the two is pegged at

The second question is whether an indoor swimming pool should be constructed and equipped for a cost not to exceed $3,500,000.

The web side provides the complete texts of the two resolutions. The members of the committee who studied the district's space needs are provided so individuals who have questions may ask any of them. Their meeting minutes are also provided as a further source of information.

The web site lists and dates and times of the four informational meetings that have been scheduled in May to provide information on the referendum projects.

The web site provides B-W enrollment history and future enrollment projections.