Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Web site provides Baldwin-Woodville Referendum Information

Pages have been added to the Baldwin-Woodville School District web site that provide information about the building referendum scheduled for Tuesday, June 3.

The pages were created by B-W Athletic Director and Transportation Supervisor Wade Labecki.

To access the web pages, start at the Baldwin-Woodville home page (www.bwsd.k12.wi.us). Near the top is information about the referendum and to the right is "Click here for more information."

The referendum election will have two questions. The first is whether a new 90,000 square foot intermediate school for grades three, four and five should be built on district owned property, and should Greenfield Elementary School be renovated. The total cost of the two is pegged at

The second question is whether an indoor swimming pool should be constructed and equipped for a cost not to exceed $3,500,000.

The web side provides the complete texts of the two resolutions. The members of the committee who studied the district's space needs are provided so individuals who have questions may ask any of them. Their meeting minutes are also provided as a further source of information.

The web site lists and dates and times of the four informational meetings that have been scheduled in May to provide information on the referendum projects.

The web site provides B-W enrollment history and future enrollment projections.