Tuesday, April 1, 2008

USH 63 upgrade starts May 5

The schedule for the upgrade of USH 63 through Baldwin has been moved up. The contract for the project is slated to begin May 5 with traffic control work and grinding of the road surface. The contract is scheduled to be completed in 75 days.

According to Baldwin Village Engineer Mike Stoffel of Ayres Associates, the contracts for the work have been let. He said that some traffic signal work may even begin before May 5.

The project will start at the south side of Baldwin where the four lane USH 63 ends. Included in the work will be installation of new pavement and center turn lanes in some locations. In addition, a new traffic light will be installed at 60th Avenue and Fern Drive and new traffic lights will be installed at Cedar Street and Main Street.

The village's outside lanes of USH 63 through Baldwin will be taken up as part of the project, and will eliminate all parking along the highway. North of Main Street there will be a two way left turn lane to Hillcrest. The bridge over the Baldwin Creek will be replaced with a box

The prime contractor is Mathy Construction and its subsidiary Monarch. Other contractors include: excavating: Hoffman Construction; grinding and placement of crushed aggregate base: Kraemer Co.; concrete work: Curb Masters; and traffic signals: NEI.