Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Village Board Approves Public Works Mutual Aid Agreement

The Baldwin Village Board at their regular monthly meeting Wednesday, October 10 approved a "Public Works Service Agreement" that is designed to provide a framework for sharing public works manpower and equipment in the event of an emergency.

Baldwin Ambulance Director Craig Nelson explained that the agreement is a mutual aid policy that will allow federal reimbursement for use of equipment if a municipality requests assistance from another municipality. It was proposed by the St. Croix County Emergency Management Department.

Public Works Director John Traxler said that in the event of a major situation he doesn't have objections to the policy and "hopefully it won't get a lot of use."

In other action, the Board:
-agreed to pay the St. Croix County Highway Department $3,385 as the village's share of the 80th Avenue improvements.
-approved a permit for a private well operated by Jonquist Family Kitchens.
-approved an ordinance that prohibits wood burning furnaces that are located outside of the structure that the furnace is principally intended to heat.
-approved the special assessment for 12th Avenue and Franklin Street due to the recent upgrades of the streets, curb and gutter and some utilities.
-approved a bid of $49,862 for a membrane roof system for the Ambulance building that will be done this fall. The approved bid is instead of a metal roof bid of over $100,000.
-addressed the parking situation at Panda Garden. The board agreed that the parking area must be completed within two weeks but black topping can take place in the spring as long as it's done by June 1.
-set a special meeting for work on the 2008 budget for October 24 beginning at 6:00 p.m.
-approved fireworks applications for the two fireworks sellers located at I-94/USH 63 interchange.
-approved ordering a new ambulance for delivery in the fall of 2008. The ambulance, with a cost of $122,800, will replace the Woodville ambulance and the present Woodville ambulance will be moved to Baldwin. The cost of the new ambulance has already been budgeted.
-approved a request by Police Chief Jim Wider to petition the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to slow down traffic on the north side of the village to 25 mph on the stretch where the current speed limit is 35 mph. Chief Wider cited increased traffic and the vehicles in and out of Baldwin Area Medical Center's parking lot.