Friday, November 2, 2007

Postal Jacket Stolen from Display Case

Could Halloween be the reason a United States Post Office hat and jacket were stolen from a display case at the Baldwin Post Office?

Personnel at the Post Office hope that is true and they also hope the items are returned to the Post Office after Halloween. And Postmaster Deb Clennon quipped that if the clothing articles win a prize for the wearer, she and the other employees at the Baldwin Post Office hope they
get to share a portion of the winnings.

The jacket belonged to the late Bud DeSmith and he wore it when he was Officer in Charge in the Woodville Post Office in the 1970s. It was placed in the display case with other Post Office artifacts by his daughter Deb Graf, a clerk at the Baldwin Post Office. It was at center right in the display case, pictured above.

Also missing is a hat that belonged to a retired postal carrier from Lake City, Minnesota who gave it to Postmaster Clennon when he learned of the display at the Baldwin Post Office.

The lock on the display case was apparently not broken, but was manipulated in some way to get the case open to remove the two articles of postal clothing.