Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Veteran's Day Services Held

Missy Rogers, wife of a veteran who was deployed to Iraq, was a speaker at the Veteran's Day service at Viking Middle School held on Monday. Seated behind Mrs. Rogers are her husband Steve who served in Iraq, daughter Katie, John Terkelsen, Chaplain of the Woodville American Legion Post and Principal Hank Dupuis.

Mrs. Rogers said it was difficult having her husband deployed in Iraq. "A lot of prayers took place. I prayed for the safety of my husband and other soldiers." Her recommendations for family members of military personnel deployed to Iraq include: don't watch the news because news focuses on the negative; try to keep things normal; and use resources available such as mentoring programs and kindness of neighbors.

Steve Rogers finished his deployment in October of 2005.

Mrs. Rogers said she would be interested in starting a support group for family members of military personnel deployed to war zones. She said her number is in the book for those who are interested.