Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bus Crash Sends Passengers to Hospitals

It was as medical condition that caused a bus crash on I-94 at about milepost 21 and not a crash that caused medical problems to the driver of the bus on Thursday, February 7, according to emergency personnel at the scene.

According to the Wisconsin State Patrol, a bus that had been traveling eastward crashed into the median of I-94 at 2:18 p.m. on February 7. The bus was operated by Tourcos Northern Tours of Eau Claire.

The driver of the bus was identified as Curtis D. Prindiville, 39 of Eau Claire. He was transported by ambulance to Luther Hospital in Eau Claire for treatment of an undisclosed medial condition.

The State Patrol said there were a total of 49 passengers.

Twenty passengers on the bus complained of sore backs or necks and were transported by ambulance to Baldwin Area Medical Center and other area hospitals for evaluation.

A total of 12 patients were taken to BAMC and all were seen by Dr. Joel Stoeckeler who was the emergency room physician on duty, according to Director of Patient Care Jean Peavey. All the injured came in by ambulance.

"I'm real proud of how well the staff handled the situation," noted Peavey. She said none of the injuries to the bus passengers were serious and all were discharged.

Other patients were taken to New Richmond, River Falls and Eau Claire.

According to Baldwin Station Chief Gary Newton of United Fire and Rescue, the other passengers on the bus who didn't complain of inures were all taken by a Baldwin-Woodville school bus to the Baldwin Municipal Center. They waited there until all the passengers who were taken to hospitals were reunited with them and then a bus took them all back to Eau Claire about 9:00 p.m. where they were able to pick up their luggage from the first bus that was in the accident. Newton said a van from the bus company was dispatched initially to transport those who sought medical treatment from the hospitals to the Municipal Center. It was only when everyone was present at the Municipal Center that the second bus left to make the trip to Eau Claire.