Tuesday, April 8, 2008

B-W class of 2008 honor students announced

The 2008 Honor graduates at Baldwin-Woodville High School have been announced. Honor students are those who have achieved a 10.25 grade point average which is a B+ average.

Tara Kimberly earned the highest average in the class which earns her the title of Valedictorian. She plans to attend UW-Superior and major in biology with a minor in chemistry for a secondary education degree. Tara is the daughter of Jim and Colleen Kimberly.

Carrie Vanasse achieved the second highest average to earn the title of Salutatorian. She plans to attend UW-River Falls and at present is considering an accounting major. Carrie is the daughter of Tom and Cindy Vanasse.

Other honor graduates this year are: Reid Anderson, son of Keith and Mary Anderson; Raphaela Baumann, exchange student living with Robert and Julia Lyberg; Queezarwoe Borh, daughter of Dahn and Marilee Borh; Kalena Doffing, daughter of Jane Evin; Sara Donahoe, daughter of Bob and Rosemary Donahoe. Jordan Doornink, son of Douglas and Kelly Doornink; Kristopher Eggen, son of Richard and Vickie Eggen; Grant Gausman, son of Stanley and Susan Gausman; Kyle Hines, son of Keith and Beckie Hines; Kirsten Hoffman, daughter of Gary and Randi Hoffman; Aaron Hovde, son of Jerry and Marilyn Hovde; Mary Hovde, daughter of Robert and Kay Hovde; Morgan Jacobson, daughter of Dean and Jean Jacobson. Michelle Johnson, daughter of Donovan and Mariana Johnson; Richelle Kenow, daughter of Stephen and Julie Kenow; Angela Kusilek, daughter of Joseph and Anna Kusilek; Jason LaFavor, son of Tim and Eileen LaFavor; Amanda Larson, daughter of Scott and Barb Larson; Toni Lynum, daughter of Tobias and Marla Lynum; Samuel Mattison, son of David and Deborah Mattison; Heather Molenaar, daughter of Larry and Lori Molenaar. Joshua Morrissey, son of Albert and Rebecca Morrissey; Zachary Paul, son of Vicki Paul; David Ring, son of Ralph and Kathleen Ring; Joleen Schwellenbach, daughter of Kat and Nordby Schwellenbach; Cassie Standaert, daughter of James Standaert and Penny Pierson; Candace Standaert, daughter of James Standaert and Penny Pierson; Alex Stene, daughter of Susan Stene; Karen Warner, daughter of Duane and Joanne Warner; Alaina Werner, daughter of Kenneth and Alison Werner.

Baldwin-Woodville Class of 2008 Honor Students are pictured above. In the front row, left to right, are: Kalena Doffing, Michelle Johnson, Amanda Larson, Tara Kimberly, Mary Hovde, Richelle Kenow, Toni Lynum, Alaina Werner and Morgan Jacobson.

In the second row, from left, are: Raphaela Baumann, Heather Molenaar, Jason LaFavor, Justin Morrissey, Zachary Paul, Angela Kusilek, Sara Donahoe, Karen Warner, Alex Stene and Joleen Schwellenbach.

In the third row, from left, are: Kristopher Eggen, Reid Anderson, Aaron Hovde, Jordan Doornink, David Ring, Grant Gausman, Kyle Hines, Queezarwoe Borh and Carrie Vanasse.

Missing when the photo was taken were: Sam Mattison, Candace Standaert, Cassie Standaert and Kirsten Hoffman.

Tara Kimberly 2008 B-W Valedictorian
Carrie Vanasse 2008 B-W Salutatorian