Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New barber pole donated to "Kenny the Barber"

For the past several months vandals had been taking a toll on Ken Van Someren's barber pole. And about two weeks ago it had been completely smashed and broken. But now, thanks to an anonymous donor, a new barber pole graces the front of Ken's Barber Shop.

According to Ken's daughter Linda Booth, a man told her he wanted to replace the barber pole because he had been a customer of Ken's for many years and in honor of Ken being a veteran. But, he wanted to remain anonymous. So Linda ordered the new barber pole at a cost of $230. The man, upon hearing the cost, gave Linda $250, told her to keep the extra, shook her hand and offered thanks for Ken's service.

And, to make a good story better, the pole was replaced near Ken's 80th birthday, which was June 20, making a special birthday present.