Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rumpel and Bonnstetter are Heisman High School State Finalists

Wendy’s has announced that two Baldwin-Woodville students are Heisman High School State Finalists for Wisconsin. According to a letter sent to them, both Bethany Bonnstetter and Edward Rumpel are State Finalists. The letter says that from November 19 through December 31 Wendy’s and Fox Spots Net will produce and air profiles of each finalist. The profiles will air statewide and be included in all WIAA programming.

School board votes 6-1 to bring pool up to code

Barring unforeseen circumstances, the outdoor swimming pool in Baldwin will be open for business next summer.
The Baldwin-Woodville Board of Education gave the go-ahead to fund the design and installation of new drain gates and sump pumps in order for the district to be in compliance with the federal Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act. The approval came on a 6-1 vote. Voting yes: Mike Bondarenko, Ann Hilmanowske, John Hinz, Dustin Klanderman, Jody Lindquist and Jeff Campbell. Voting no: Todd Graf.
Cost of the project is estimated at about $20,000 according to a proposal presented at the September meeting of the board by district Maintenance Supervisor Mike Timm.
Prior to the vote, local resident and former board member Tom Schumacher spoke in favor of keeping the pool open. “The pool is a significant asset to the community. Many students in the district benefit from the pool through swimming lessons, employment and recreation,” commented Schumacher. “If the pool is closed there will be costs involved
and it is unlikely to open again. We have this asset, we need to maintain it just like we do other district facilities,” he said.
“Swimming lessons are very important for all students,” said Superintendent Rusty Helland. “In my opinion, it’s important to open the pool for the community.”
In response to questions from board members, Helland explained that the district cannot charge for swimming lessons because it receives state aid for each participant. “We get about $14,000 a year in state aid, which is used to pay for instruction which costs about $7,000,” he said. Non-resident participants are charged for lessons, added district bookkeeper Pam Rose.
“We can charge what we want for open swim,” Helland said.
Board president Jeff Campbell spoke in favor of opening the pool and then exploring other options for the ongoing maintenance of the pool. “We need to be pro-active here and come up with a plan, instead of scrambling every time some big repair comes up,” he said.

Village Board approves new flood map

The Baldwin Village Board completed action on a new flood map that should remove all single family residences from the flood plain of the Baldwin Creek that was first created in 1988.
The action comes as a result, partly at least, of the new USH 63 bridge which will supposedly allow more storm water to pass quickly under the highway.
The flood plain in Baldwin was first created in 1988 by the federal government. In 1990 the size of the flood plain was reduced. The new map decreases the size of both the floodplain and the flood fringe. Passage of the village resolution decreasing the size of the flood plain is contingent on DNR approval.
“Thankfully, we can put the flood plain to bed,” noted Village President Don McGee. “When we started this I think we had 46 houses in it. There were lots of people who really worked hard and now the 46 houses are out of it.”
Although all homes that were in the flood plain are now out of it, some trailer homes remain within the flood plain boundary.
In other action at the meeting:
-Justin Juelich, who resigned as a member of the village’s Board of Appeals, was appointed to the Planning Commission, replacing Nancy Hable.
-The Board approved the annual fireworks seller permits for both Fireworks City and Fireworks and More, Inc.
-The Board authorized an alternative health insurance plan—a Simple Health Insurance Premium Pre-tax Plan—that will save the village money and does not have any annual reporting requirements.
-The Board voted to rezone the property at 670 USH 12 from local commercial to general commercial. Two trustees voted against the motion. The new zoning was requested by the owner to increase the options available for renting the property, including allowing spray painting.
-The Board approved a site plan for remodeling at the Kwik Trip at the intersection of USH 63 and Main Street. The plan includes a small addition on the east end of the building that will be used to enlarge the kitchen.
-Engineer Mike Stoffel of Ayres Associates reported that on Tuesday, November 3 boring under I-94 was commenced for a water main. After going 16 feet rock was encountered, so the boring stopped.
“As soon as we hit rock the boring costs go up tremendously,” Stoffel said. He said a company has been called to do some testing of the ground to see if the path for the bore hole can be moved up or down to avoid rock, or if that isn’t possible to move the boring to the west, which may require a new easement from a property owner. Stoffel assured the board the boring can be completed this year and the new utility locates will be done by Friday if the boring has to be moved west.

Man’s body recovered at Hudson marina

A man’s body was recovered floating in the water at a Hudson marina last week. Hudson police recovered the man’s body floating near a dock at St. Croix Marina on Friday.
The white male was believed to be in his late 50s. He was discovered at about 12:30 p.m. by an employee of the marina.
According to Hudson Police Sgt. Eric Atkinson, authorities believe they know the identity of the deceased man but are withholding his name until his relatives are notified.
Sgt. Atkinson said the man was believed to be a member at the Marina and had a boat there. The boat was taken into custody and will be examined after a search warrant is obtained.
The body was taken to the Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s office in St. Paul for an autopsy to be performed.
“With any death where we don’t know the cause of death, we make sure we do an investigation that tries to explain the manner in which the person died,” Sgt. Atkinson was quoted as saying. However, foul play is not suspected by authorities in the death. Both the Hudson Police Department and St. Croix County Sheriff’s Department are investigating the death.

Armagost bound over for trial

At a preliminary hearing held Monday, November 16, James Armagost was bound over for trial, according to St. Croix County District Attorney Eric Johnson.
Johnson said an arraignment for Armagost was set for Thursday, November 19, at which he will be given the opportunity to enter a plea.
Armagost, 45, was charged last week in St. Croix County Court with “repeated sexual assault of a child” and “use of computer to facilitate a child sex crime.”

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HUDSON STAR OBSERVER: Wisconsin Municipal Mutual Insurance Company’s motto is “Strength in Members,” but other members see St. Croix County as the weak link and the county will pay a price. St. Croix has been notified that its liability premium for 2010 may be increased over 25 percent and that its self-insured retention, roughly comparable to a deductible, will be increased from $250,000 to at least $500,000 per loss. Actual costs will be determined in December. “From the other members’ perspective, we are not a good risk” summarized Kristin Ziliak, St. Croix’s risk manager. The most recent settlements involve a death in the county jail and a class action strip search lawsuit.

MONDOVI HERALD-NEWS: A rural Arcadia man died after falling from a silo on Wednesday, November 4, in the Town of Glencoe. The Buffalo County Sheriff’s Department was notified at approximately 10:45 a.m. that Daniel J. Kamla, 55, was found at the base of an 80-foot silo. According to the Buffalo County Sheriff’s Department, a farm worker had seen Kamla at the top of the silo checking to see how full it was. The worker then found Kamla at the base of the silo within minutes of seeing him at the top of it. The Sheriff’s Department says no one witnessed the fall. The Buffalo County Sheriff’s Department at the scene were the Arcadia Ambulance, Arcadia Fire Department and Arcadia Police Department.

RIVER FALLS JOURNAL: A tip from an informant with no interest in a reward led River Falls police to the young man believed responsible for holding up Dick’s Hometown Liquor last Monday night. Blake Halverson, 17, a River Falls High School junior, was arrested at his home Friday night and taken to county jail in Ellsworth. Monday afternoon he was charged by the Pierce County district attorney with a felony armed robbery and misdemeanor for receiving stolen property. The first criminal charge carries a maximum sentence of a $100,000 fine and 40 years in prison. By Tuesday morning Halverson was back in school, having paid a $2,000 cash bond that was set by the judge. Police officers with a search warrant, went through Halverson’s home looking for evidence Friday night when he was arrested. Lead investigator John Wilson said the gun and cash stolen in the robbery have yet to been found. “W e have no clue where the gun is,” Wilson said Monday morning. “So, yes, we need help finding it if anyone has that information. Wilson said the gun used in the robbery is a black/blue semi-automatic pistol. Wilson said he was called at home last Thursday night by a person offering a key tip in the robbery. “That was the turning factor in getting this solved,” Wilson said, adding that Halvorson has not admitted to being the robber.

PIERCE COUNTY HERALD (ELLSWORTH): Three people in their early 20s were charged last month in Pierce County Circuit Court with burglary and attempted burglary. Valerie K. Vorwald, 21, Roberts, Justin D. Krizan, 20, Hammond, and Andrew J. Grisell, 20, Sarasota, Fla., are looking at a maximum $37,500 fine and nearly 19 years in prison if convicted of both felonies. The charges originate from an incident October 28 in which Pierce County Sheriff’s Department was called to a burglary at W4709 710th Ave. in the Town of River Falls. Daniel Frigo reported in the criminal complaint a red Sears Craftsman riding lawnmower, a red Swisher brand trail mower, a camouflage hunting chair and three red five-gallon gas cans were missing. Sheriff’s deputies also noted in their report several doorknobs were taken and found in a burn barrel. The following day, deputies were dispatched to that address again for an attempted burglary, as Frigo reported there was a truck at the house. The truck left as deputies were nearing the house, but they were able to stop it.

AMERY FREE PRESS: Tim Miller, district network technician at Clear Lake Schools, has been dismissed by the Clear Lake Board of Education at their regular meeting Monday evening, November 9. The board took the action after a nearly hour long closed session under Wisconsin Statute 19.85 (1) (b), where they heard from Miller before the action was taken. Miller was discharged for computer related misconduct reported last week. He was observed recently with pornography on a work computer. He has been with the district for approximately eight years.