Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mattison was One-for-One Deer Hunting

Not many people go one-for-one deer hunting. But that's what Michael Mattison did.

Mattison bagged an 11 point buck with the first shot he ever took while deer hunting. "I'm addicted to hunting now, I think," he said. "It wasn't the biggest deer I've ever seen, but it was nice," he added. He estimated that the deer weighed 185 lbs. field dressed.

Mattison was hunting north of Baldwin with friends. He had hunted last year for the first time, but never got a shot. This year on opening day the buck was in his sights and he bagged it with the first shot he took.

Mattison said he'll be out in the woods again next deer season. And oh, yes, Mattison shot again at a deer later in the season and missed. So the one-for-one claim can no longer be made.

Mattison is a 2000 B-W grad. He served four years in the service and is now pursuing his degree in business at UW-Stout in Menomonie where he lives with his wife Nadine. He will graduate in May. He is the son of Dave and Deb Mattison of Baldwin.