Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Shelley Wynveen Buys Coachman Supper Club

Shelley Wynveen, an 11 year employee at the Coachman Supper Club, including nearly two years as co-owner, became sole owner of the establishment on October 25.

Shelley Wynveen, a co-owner with Jim Reich of the Coachman Supper Club for nearly the past two years, became sole owner of the establishment on October 25.

Wynveen has worked at the Coachman for the past 11 years, and since March of 2006 has been a co-owner with Jim Reich. Prior to that she was an employee there. She said that the transition has gone well and "we had a nice crowd for Thanksgiving. I'd like to see a few more people out for Sunday buffets and Friday buffets, but hopefully that will pick up," said Wynveen.

There will be no big changes at the Coachman, said Wynveen. However, new menus are in the works. "Otherwise it's pretty much the same. It's been working as is and if we change anything it will be minor."

As owner Wynveen said she will be involved in all aspects of the business, "I do about everything-wherever I need to be including waitressing."

Prior to her employment at the Coachman, Wynveen worked for her aunt and uncle at Mel's Northside Cafe where she was a waitress and cook.