Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Barn Will Replace One Destroyed in August Windstorm

The new barn taking shape at the Tony and DeAnn Lind place north of Baldwin will replace one destroyed in August's severe windstorm. The new barn has the shape of a traditional barn but incorporates modern building techniques, said builder Arnie Vander Vorst of Vander Vorst and Sons Construction. The superstructure of the new barn is a study of shapes and symmetry.

A work of art and symmetry is going up north of Baldwin, and they don't build them like that anymore, at least very often.

According to contractor Arnie Vander Vorst of Vander Vorst and Sons Construction of River Falls/Hudson, Tony and DeAnn Lind bought their place north of Baldwin because they love the old barn on the property.

That barn was claimed, like many others, in the August storm that roared through a narrow swath of St. Croix County from New Richmond to the southeast.

So Arnie designed a new barn for the Linds, that uses modern building techniques but will result in an old-fashioned look. "I designed it," said Vander Vorst, who has been a contractor since 1961. "We couldn't use timbers" as was done in old barns, so a floor truss system was used.

"We have all the new building technology in it, but we've got it looking like an old barn," he said. "They never had truss rafters in the old days.

Construction of the new barn started in late November.

Vander Vorst said some of the damaged foundation was replaced with concrete before the stick-frame barn was built over it. He said shingling of the structure would be completed Monday.

The siding of the barn will be with rough-sawn pine in board and batten style by Tony Lind, who is employed as a carpenter, said Vander Vorst.