Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Virtual School Opportunities Through Baldwin-Woodville Schools

The Baldwin-Woodville School District is currently offering virtual schooling opportunities for students in grades five through 12, according to Superintendent Rusty Helland.

"This year we have three middle school students and one high school student participating in virtual school," said Helland. "We use the resources of CESA (Cooperative Educational Service Agencies) 9 to provide classes for our students," he added.

This is one of several different options for students to receive their education, said Helland. According to High School Principal Eric Russell B-W also offers online components to classes directly from local high school teachers in English, history and others.

Enrolling students in virtual school at Baldwin-Woodville is a win-win situation for families and the district, said Helland. The students are included in the district's enrollment, which determines state aid, and the district pays for the students classes.

For information about educational opportunities at Baldwin-Woodville, contact Supt. Helland at the district office, 684-3411.