Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Central St. Croix Rod & Gun Club Allowed to Proceed with Improvements

A St. Croix County Judge has ordered that Central St. Croix Rod and Gun Club, Inc. be allowed to proceed with plans to improve the gun club's property south of Baldwin.

According to an opinion issued on Wednesday, June 4, Judge Eric Lundell wrote "[a]fter listening carefully to the testimony of all witnesses, including the expert witnesses, and observing all of the exhibits that were presented, this Court became convinced that the best course of action was to permit the defendant to utilize the suggestions of the plaintiffs' experts in an effort to re-draft the plan for the reconstruction and reconfiguration of the Rod and Gun Club. The defendant, Rod and Gun Club, has since significantly modified its original plans and has compared them to the suggestions of the plaintiffs' experts. The new plan appears to meet the objections cited by plaintiffs at the hearing."

Judge Lundell noted that the plaintiffs have objected to the new plan because they "believe that the new plan cannot prevent the trespass of projectiles from the Rod and Gun Club."