Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Viking Middle School students donate $5,840

The top ten Syttende Mai Fun Run fundraisers present the check to United Way. In the back row from left to right are Principal Henry Dupuis, top fundraiser Wilson Gheen (with check), United Way's John Coughlin and students Mercedes Johnson, Trent Lokker, Brandon Serier, Maddie Bishop, and Kayla Iverson. In the front row are Lucas Biniek, Payge Clark, Collin Loftus and Kayla Rettner.

This was the 23rd year that Viking Middle School students have participated in the Syttende Mai Fun Run. The Fun Run kicks off the annual May celebration. The students use the run to raise money to support local charities and many, many thousands of dollars have been given to worthy causes through the years.

The 474 Viking students raised almost $13,000 this year.

"It was an incredible effort by our students during a time when many people have less to share due to high gas, energy and food prices," said Henry Dupuis, Principal.

One of the designated recipients was the United Way led Success By 6 Initiative. The students donated $5,840.48 for programs in the Baldwin/Woodville area. The vision for the local Success By 6 (SB6) Initiative is: All children with the strong support of family and community will, by age six, have the necessary physical, mental, emotional and social development to successfully grow and learn.