Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Harvest Festival this Saturday

Jim Daddies Harvest Festival will be held this Saturday on the east end of the 700 block of Main Street in Baldwin.

The festival, sponsored by Jim Daddies BBQ Sauce and BBQ UniverCity, will be from noon until 6:00 p.m. rain or shine. It will feature the music of Howard Luedtke and Patchouli with a reunion of members from the Onyx/Second Wind/Bottom Line bands.

The cost of admission is $10 (or half price with a non-perishable food shelf donation). The proceeds will be divided between the Baldwin Parks fund and Tapestries of Life Mexican Orphanage. In addition, the ticket will enter you in a drawing for a grill and other prizes.

The Festival is the brainchild of former Baldwin resident Robert Dull, who currently works for Pearlygate Network, which assists artists in production.

Tapestries of Life is a U.S. based organization that takes seriously the Christian mandate to take care of widows and orphans. In order to accomplish this mandate, Tapestries of Life is focusing on two large initiatives.

The first vision is to build an orphanage in Guadalupe Mexico, which will be the largest orphanage in all of Latin America. When completed the orphanage will house over 400 children and the government promised to fill it within 24 hours of when it's doors open with a small percentage of the over 7000 children that are living on the street in that area alone. This orphanage is being built by churches in America, Canada, Scotland and all over the world.

"Lisa (Dull) Seaman and her husband Quinn are working on the orphange," Dull noted. "They hope to be open in about a year."

The second part of the vision is meeting the immediate daily needs of today by providing much needed food to the poor of Mexico. Many of these items are provided by donations specifically for this ministry or by the work teams involved in the distribution.

The festival opens with Howard "Guitar" Luedtke, a versatile musician who performs regularly at rock, blues and jazz festivals all over Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Bruce Hecksel and Julie Patchouli recorded their first jam session together on January 6, 1993 in a church in Chicago. With Bruce playing an acoustic guitar and Julie on a 5 gallon pail they discovered their desire to create music together out of anything and everything around them. That desire fueled their relationship as it grew out of this musical love they shared and keeps them grounded in the music they create still to this day.

The song Patchouli was the first instrumental piece they wrote together.

Bruce attended college and grad school for music and theology. Julie studied ethnobotany (the study of cultures and plants) and environmental science. Together they blend the idea of cultures, music, environment and theology into the positive vibrations of Patchouli music.

Patchouli's deeply rooted musical base combined with advanced studies in yoga, meditation and other healing disciplines work together to make music with a remarkable capacity to inspire and uplift the human spirit.