Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New flooring store in Baldwin

Colleen Smith, picctured above, and her husband Dean own Baldwin Design & Full Specctrum Flooring, a new store at Baldwin Retail.

Colleen Smith, who along with her husband Dean owns Baldwin Design & Full Spectrum Flooring, admits that the housing slow-down has probably affected their business. But she added that their store, at Baldwin Retail on Gracie Drive in the mall on the southwest quadrant of the I-94/USH 63 interchange, has been staying busy with remodelings and commercial and church work in the area.

The new store opened in February and it carries hundreds and hundreds of floor covering products in tile, hardwood, carpet, laminates and vinyl from a variety of companies, said Colleen. Colleen is the store manager and Dean, a Glenwood City native, is the chief installer.

Colleen said that what sets their store apart is that their installers are in-house. We follow the product "from beginning to end," she explained.

Dean has 25 years experience in installing floor coverings, most out of the Twin Cities. Colleen manages the store and has previous managerial experience. They employ a salesman, Matt Multhauf, also a Glenwood City native, who has been selling in the Twin Cities for the past
10 years.

The Smiths decided to start a local store, near where they live. Their home is almost equal distance from Hammond, River Falls, Spring Valley and Baldwin.