Tuesday, February 26, 2008

BTI and B-W partner to launch school channel

Baldwin Telecom presented a donation last Friday to Baldwin-Woodville Schools to help with programming costs for the new school channel. Pictured from left to right are Wade Labecki, athletic director, Eric Russell, B-W High School Principal, Pat Beierman, B-W High School teacher, Larry Knegendorf, BTI general manager, and Matt Sparks, BTI operations manager.

Local telephone and cable company, Baldwin Telecom, has partnered with the Baldwin-Woodville School District to produce a school television channel on the local cable system. The programming can be found on Channel 18 on the BTI cable system. It will include schedules, announcements, menus, drama and music production and high school sports.

"Our company is very proud to be a part of working with Pat Beierman of the B-W schools to bring access to a school channel," said BTI manager Larry Knegendorf. "I would like to thank our team of employees at BTI for making this happen and the B-W school staff."

Baldwin Telecom presented a donation for $2000 on Friday to the school to help with costs associated with programming for the school channel.

"The school channel has been on the air for about three months and continues to get better and better," Knegendorf noted. "The school is responsible for the programming on the channel and many students are involved with making that happen."