Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Primary election moves Gherty and Cameron on

Mark J. Gherty with 4,593 votes and Howard Cameron with 3,077 votes were the top vote-getters in last Tuesday's primary election. Those two will move on to the general election in April.

Other candidates for the new judicial position for St. Croix County, and their vote totals, were: Carol L. Law 2,395; Charles B. Harris 2,107; and Ken Sortedahl 1,502. There were 45 write-in votes.

In the presidential preference primary, St. Croix County mirrored Wisconsin as a whole. On the Democratic side, Barak Obama received 5,467 votes in the county to top Hillary Clinton's 4,930 votes. Other candidates who have withdrawn from the race received a scattering of votes. On the Republican side, John McCain was the winner with 2,459 votes while Mike Huckabee was second with 1,597. Ron Paul received 381 votes and other candidates no longer in the running received a scattering of votes.