Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring is Coming

For those of you tired of the long, dreary winter and drawn out cold weather, Baldwin Greenhouse owner James Karlson assures us that spring is indeed coming. And James has the flowers and vegetables already growing to prove it.

Already, said James, there are hundreds of thousands-too many to count-flowers in colorful bloom at Baldwin Greenhouse. He also has vegetables, trees and climbing vines growing.

It's still too early for flowers and other plants to go outside, said James, and gardeners need to wait until there is some warmth in the ground-Mother's Day at least. But there are some annuals as well as some varieties of vegetables that can be planted early.

James said that by this coming weekend he hopes to have the Baldwin Greenhouse retail area in operation-at least in a limited way for those who can't wait for spring's blooms and may be bringing their plants inside each evening.