Tuesday, April 15, 2008

USH 63 Reconstruction Meeting Held

A meeting was held Monday morning in Baldwin featuring Wisconsin Department of Transportation officials and representatives of the firm that will be doing the work on USH 63.

According to Neil Bakke of Monarch Paving, the tentative start date is May 5. In general, Bakke said, the project will be done in halves, with the east half of the highway undergoing reconstruction first and traffic re-routed to the west half of the highway. The construction will also proceed generally from south to north.

The 63 improvement project will stretch from where 63 north of I-94 goes from four lanes to two lanes to the intersection where USH 12 goes to the west.

The project will include a new stop light at Fern Drive/60th Avenue. On the village's south side, there will be turn lanes and a lane for straight-ahead traffic to travel. In the village's "urban area" (roughly from north of the creek to Hillcrest) there will be two-way left turn lanes installed. Following the project there will be no parking on USH 63 in the village.

A large part of the project, and a factor in the timing of aspects of the construction, will be replacement of the bridge over the Baldwin Creek by a box culvert which will be built in phases.

On either side of the railroad tracks there will be short concrete islands built to direct traffic.

At no time will USH 63 be closed to through traffic, although there may be some delays of several minutes at various times.